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Vergas man wanted for drug crime

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a Vergas man on a felony charge of second-degree controlled substance crime -- possession.

Jean Paul Pierre Ducharme, 31, of 160 Elm St., Vergas, was charged in connection with a July 19 incident in which he reportedly purchased two "8-balls" of methamphetamine from a cooperating defendant ("C.D.") who said he had been supplying meth to a man he knew as "J.P."

According to the complaint, the C.D. texted Ducharme and said he would leave the meth stowed inside a snowmobile on his property. Surveillance at the scene showed Ducharme arriving at the residence around 4:15, going over to the snowmobile, then getting into his car and driving away.

An officer watching his vehicle allegedly noticed him throwing something outside the car window as he was traveling north on Highway 59. The item, a black camera bag, was later retrieved from the ditch. Ducharme allegedly admitted that he had taken the meth from the bag and placed it inside a cup, covering it with water to destroy the evidence.

A cup found inside his vehicle contained shards of methamphetamine and water, as well as the remains of a plastic bag.