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Perham police report

The Perham Police Department responded to 38 calls from Dec. 20 to Dec. 26.

Dec. 20

Police gave two 24-hour parking notices to a vehicle parked behind a business and a residence.

Police responded to a vehicle crash. A car crashed into a power pole. There was no damage to the pole.

Dec. 21

Police responded to a domestic non-assault call.

Police assisted in unlocking a door for a resident.

Police checked on a residence after a request from the owner.

Dec. 22

A resident requested a check on an intoxicated family member.

A party complained about snowmobiles driving on church property.

Police received dishonored checks.

One of the local churches requested a voucher for a transient.

A resident reported two poodles scratching at their window. Police transported both dogs to a veterinary clinic. Both had collars on with no tags.

Police checked for a plane at the airport after Minneapolis Air Traffic Control couldn't make contact with the pilot. Air Traffic Control later made contact with the pilot after police couldn't locate the aircraft at the airport.

Dec. 23

Police responded to a minor two-vehicle crash without injuries.

Party reported a lost cell phone.

Dec. 24

Police responded to a three- vehicle crash without injuries.

Police responded to a minor two-vehicle crash without injuries.

Party reported a large white/cream colored dog with long shaggy hair in their yard. Police took it to a veterinary clinic.

Party reported a hanger wouldn't close at the airport. Police contacted the owner who said they would close it.

A citizen asked if anyone had turned in a lost wallet.

Police received a report that their house had been broken into.

Dec. 25

An employee of a local business found an open door on the back side of the building. An officer checked the building and no one was inside.

Police responded to a domestic in progress.

Police assisted the sheriff's department with a driver who had gone into the ditch.

Dec. 26

Police responded to a report of a vehicle in the ditch.

Police responded to a minor two-vehicle crash without injuries.

Some children found an abandoned puppy at an apartment building. Police took the dog to a veterinary clinic.