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Perham police report

The Perham Police Department responded to 38 calls from Dec. 27 to Jan. 2.

Dec. 27

Police issued 24-hour parking warning.

Dec. 28

Extra patrol was requested in the area of St. Stanislaus Catholic Church due to snowmobile complaints.

Reporting party complained of a vehicle parked in resident-only area.

A property damage accident was reported at 5th Avenue SW and Main Street.

Reporting party wanted to document unwanted text messages and telephone calls.

Reporting party hit a deer while traveling on County Highway 80 east of Perham.

Dec. 29

Police received a snowmobile complaint.

Reporting party wanted to document harassment and unwanted behavior.

Dec. 30

Party inadvertently dialed 911.

Police received report of a vehicle stuck in a snow bank on the northeast side of town.

Police directed traffic and assisted in moving vehicles stuck on off-ramp.

Police assisted state agency vehicle that was stuck on off-ramp.

Police assisted a male party walking home.

Police assisted with two stuck vehicles on Highway 80 east.

Police provided transportation for a female whose vehicle was stuck.

Police provided transportation for a family whose vehicle was stalled.

Over the course of six hours, police assisted with 30 vehicles stuck or stranded.

Dec. 31

A motion alarm went off at a local business. The building was locked and secure.

Reporting party said his parked vehicle was hit by a snow plow.

A dog was reported to be running loose. Police returned it to owner.

Reporting party's vehicle was sideswiped while parked at local business.

Police assisted a party with a child custody exchange at the police department.

Jan. 1

A missing person report was filed. The party was located.

A verbal domestic incident between spouses was reported.

Police took a report of a domestic assault.

A male party was arrested for 3rd degree DWI.

Jan. 2

Police issued a snow parking tag to a vehicle blocking a resident's driveway on 4th Street SW.

Police issued a snow parking tag to two separate vehicles on 2nd Street SE.

Police issued snow parking tag to vehicle on 3rd Avenue NW.

Police took a report of a verbal domestic incident between spouses.

A stalled vehicle was reported on an on-ramp. The vehicle was moved.