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New York Mills police report

NY Mills police report for the month of December

Dec. 1

Stopped a vehicle with no rear license plate and no temporary sticker displayed. The front plate was present and current. The rear plate was apparently lost.

Took a report of a hit-and-run in which the victim's rental car was damaged.

Dec. 3

Responded to a business burglary alarm. Business was found to be secure. False alarm.

Dec. 4

Responded to a business burglary alarm. Business was found to be secure. False alarm.

Took a report of a local resident receiving harassing text messages.

Assisted a local business owner to verify the security of their property after a window was found unsecured.

Dec. 6

Cited a local resident for exhibition driving after he became stuck while trying to jump a ditch.

Responded to a suspicious man hanging around the back door of a local multi-unit dwelling. Subject was taking cigarette butts from ashtray for re-use. Subject was warned and left on his own accord.

Received a report of a deer caught in the fence of a local business. Deer was found to be walking inside the fence. The business owner opened a gate and eventually the deer left on its own.

Dec. 7

Cited a local resident for barking dogs.

Took a harassment complaint from a local resident. Through inquiry, it was mutually determined to be miscommunication.

Dec. 8

Assisted social services assess the conditions of the living environment of a family with an infant. Residence was found unsuitable so alternate housing was found for family.

Dec. 9

Took a report of a hit and run from a local resident that noticed damage to their vehicle upon arriving home. Actual location of incident was undetermined.

Dec. 10

Assisted social services in a child protection case that was reported by a third party. Through investigation, it was determined that the incident was unsubstantiated and the child was in a safe environment.

Assisted a local resident with a civil child custody matter.

Warned a local resident for driving with their lights off after dark.

Assisted Otter Tail County with an accident that destroyed some mailboxes just outside of the New York Mills city limits. A juvenile was charged in the matter.

Dec. 11

Responded to a disturbance at a local residence. A local man was arrested and charged with assault.

Dec. 12

Assisted a local resident who had locked their keys in their car

Dec. 13

Assisted state patrol to locate a vehicle that was losing pallets from its load along Highway 10.

Took a report of a dog that was left outside for a long time outdoors without food, shelter or water. The owner was counseled in the matter.

Dec. 14

Warned a local resident for crossing the centerline. The driver was not impaired.

Dec. 15

Took a report that someone had stolen four six-packs from the sidewalk as a beer delivery truck while it was unloading at a local business. There were multiple witnesses and through investigation, the suspects were located and the beer was recovered. Two juveniles face charges in the matter.

Took a report of a local student that may be in possession of contraband on school property. The student was found in possession of contraband and was suspended from school. After being reviewed by the Otter Tail County Attorney's Office, there were no charges filed in this matter.

Dec. 16

Assisted with traffic control at a local intersection while a semi with a broken brake line was repaired in that intersection.

Took a report of a residential burglary.

Warned a local resident for a motor vehicle equipment violation.

Warned a local resident for speeding.

Dec. 17

Warned a driver for speeding.

Responded to a local multi-unit dwelling for a disturbance. Two subjects were involved in a loud verbal disagreement. The matter was resolved without charges.

Assisted a local resident who had locked themselves out of their car.

Dec. 20

Assisted state patrol with traffic control as a vehicle that had gone into the ditch near New York Mills was removed.

Dec. 21

Took a report of a possible hit-and-run that occurred outside of the post office on the day prior. There was no damage reported to the victim's car.

Took a report of a vehicle driving recklessly in a residential street that was now stuck. The vehicle left prior to officer arrival, but was located and the driver admitted to the event and was warned.

Dec. 22

Received a report of a suspicious occupied vehicle outside of a residence in the early morning hours. The subject was later located and admitted he had been parked in the location of the complaint and was using Wi-Fi in the area for Internet access. The subject was warned.

Dec. 23

Transported a Border collie mix that was found in the north part of town to Lakeland Veterinary Hospital for assessment. The dog had a blue collar with a broken chain clasp attached.

Assisted state patrol with traffic control on Highway 10 for a vehicle that drove into the ditch after reportedly being blinded by snow from a passing semi.

Dec. 24

Investigated a child protection matter. No evidence of abuse was found. Social services will follow-up with family. No charges.

Dec. 27

Stopped a vehicle with brake lights out. Driver was advised to repair brake lights.

Dec. 28

Assisting several agencies in a child protection matter. This matter is continues to be under investigation.

Dec. 29

Took a report of a local resident that was receiving harassing phone calls.

Received a report of a vehicle driving erratically on Highway 10 coming towards New York Mills. The vehicle was located and stopped in New York Mills. The driver reported lumber on the road forced an evasive maneuver that was likely the cause of the complaint. State patrol was notified of the road hazard.

Dec. 30

Stopped a vehicle in New York Mills that was losing empty boxes from their load. The boxes were picked up from the roadway.

Dec. 31

Took a harassment report from a local resident.

Took a report of a lost checkbook that contained cash. This matter is under investigation.