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Henning students face expulsion after threats

Two students in Henning are suspended and face expulsion procedures after allegedly making threats against staff and other students.

Thomas Williams, Henning's principal, said that the threats occurred early last week. Two students were overheard talking about using a gun against staff and students.

Police investigated after the threats were brought to their attention, and no gun was found. The students currently face no criminal proceedings.

Williams said that he understands the frustration that parents may have that the students have not been arrested or charged with a crime, but said that that's out of the school's jurisdiction.

Williams said that the nature of the threats made them difficult to investigate.

"There were no text messages, no paper trail," Williams said. "It was all just about what people overheard in the hallways."

Williams said that the incident should be a reminder to students about being careful about what they say, even if they are frustrated with school.

"They need to be careful about the types of words that they're using," he said. "Threatening words are going to be put under a microscope."

The students will have an opportunity to deny or accept the allegations against them on Thursday, Jan. 27. That's when the school district can hear their case.

"The students that made the statements have rights and opportunities as well," Williams said. "We have to make sure we follow procedures to make sure they're not denied their rights."