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Felony charge for stolen TV

A dispute over a stolen television has led to a felony charge for one New York Mills man.

Zach Allyn Lambertson, 18, is facing one count of receiving stolen goods, a felony.

On February 25, the NY Mills Police Department and Otter Tail County Sheriff's deputies responded to a call of a burglary in process on the 200 block of South Walker Street in NY Mills. Law enforcement was later rerouted to the 100 block of Smith Ave., where they discovered Lambertson and another male. The man accused Lambertson of stealing his TV, according to court documents.

When law enforcement officials attempted to separate the two, Lambertson began yelling and causing a scene, saying he was getting a TV back from the people who stole it.

Lambertson later told law enforcement that a juvenile friend had stolen the television and brought it to his house in NY Mills. He said he knew the television belonged to the man he had an altercation with on Feb. 24, and was simply trying to return it. When questioned, Lambertson said he had no specific reason as to why he believed the television belonged to the man he earlier had an argument with; he just knew it.

According to court documents, the juvenile Lambertson accused lived in Alexandria, did not have a car and was asked to be used as a "scape goat" for Lambertson, as it was not believed law enforcement had jurisdiction in Alexandria. Lambertson could not give the contact information or location of the juvenile he accused of taking the TV.

The TV is estimated at more than a $1,000 value. Lambertson is scheduled to appear before a jury in Otter Tail County Court on July 26.