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Perham man gets six years in prison for selling drugs

A Perham man was sentenced June 13 in Becker County District Court on a felony charge of selling drugs.

Craig Paul LaFlamme, 40, of 545 Second Ave. S., Perham, was convicted on one felony count of second-degree controlled substance crime, sale (amended from a first degree controlled substance charge).

He was ordered to serve 75 months (more than six years) in prison, with credit for 125 days served since his arrest, and fined $210, to be taken from his prison earnings.

LaFlamme had been accused of being involved in selling methamphetamines to an undercover informant on Feb. 9-10 of this year. He was with a woman -- Darcy Marie Schwartz, 41 -- who was also accused of selling meth to an undercover informant on several occasions in the past few months.

According to court records, Schwartz and LaFlamme sold the undercover informant a half-gram of meth for $100 on Dec. 21 in Frazee.

They allegedly sold the informant a total of 8.5 grams of meth for $1,225 in two separate transactions on Feb. 9, one in Frazee and one in Detroit Lakes.

The next day, they allegedly sold the informant 5 grams of meth for $725 in Frazee. They were arrested after that transaction and police allegedly found 7.8 grams of meth on Schwartz at the time of her arrest.