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Perham man pleads guilty to terroristic threat

A Perham man pleaded guilty on Friday, July 1 to one count of making terroristic threats, a felony.

According to court documents, Nathaniel James Boykin, 20, allegedly threatened in a phone call in January to go into a home with a group of friends and "shoot up the house with high powered rifles."

Threats were made because Boykin said the person owed him $200 for a pickup truck.

Later that month, the complainant reported to law enforcement officials that Boykin had been at the house that day, threatening with a gun.

According to court documents, the complainant said Boykin was in his vehicle when the complainant approached him and saw the gun in his lap. At that point, Boykin allegedly pointed the gun at the complainant and yelled, "You want to die? You're going to die" before driving away.

Otter Tail County Sheriff's Deputies, along with Perham Police Department officers, began to patrol the area and spotted Boykin on Hwy 10.

When stopped, Boykin said he had called the complainant earlier in the day and had gone to the house, where he alleged he had been hit in the face with a fist, according to court documents. Boykin denied carrying a gun.

Officers located a handgun in a snow bank near the scene of the alleged confrontation.

Boykin was initially charged with two counts of second degree assault with a dangerous weapon and one terrorist threat charge. The assault charges were dismissed.

Sentencing is set for August 19.