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Perham man facing jury for gun charge

A jury trial is scheduled for Dec. 6 in a case involving a Perham man facing a felony charge of possession of an assault weapon.

Dustyn James McClendon, 22, was arrested in November after it was discovered that he had allegedly sold a weapon to a Perham pawn shop.

According to court documents, a sheriff's deputy was reviewing pawn shop records on Nov. 22 when he came across the purchase of a 12-gage semi-automatic shotgun.

When the pawn shop owner was questioned, he identified McClendon as the person who had sold him the weapon. The gun was sold to the pawn shop for $70 on Nov. 8.

On Nov. 25, sheriff's deputies met with McClendon at his father's home. McClendon said he was at the pawn shop at the time of the sale, but was with his friend, who was selling the gun.

When the friend was questioned, he told law enforcement that McClendon had called him prior to their arrival and asked him to say he was with him.

The pawn shop owner said McClendon was alone at the time of the sale.

A jury trial date was originally set for McClendon on Nov. 8, but was cancelled because he failed to appear at an Oct. 28 hearing. The jury trial has now been rescheduled for Dec. 6.