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Perham and NY Mills celebrate Homecoming

Both Perham and New York Mills celebrated their school's homecoming last week. As is customary, both schools selected royalty from which a new king and queen were crowned.1 / 6
Unsuspecting Perham teachers, Lauren Hanson (art) and Jennifer Bain (English) each got a pie-tin of whipped cream to the face after being wrapped in toilet paper at the homecoming pep fest. Elizabeth Huwe/FOCUS2 / 6
Junior royalty Carah Ashcraft and Nathan Currier swaggered and goofed around when introduced at Perham’s Homecoming pep fest. Elizabeth Huwe/FOCUS3 / 6
Robb Moser, social studies teacher and head wrestling coach at PHS, won the hotdog eating contest by scarfing down 10 dogs (with buns) fast-er than the other seven contestants. Instead of a victory speech, he said, “I just want a nap.” Students CJ Mulcahy and Jonathon Siira quit early, but cheered for the other eaters. Elizabeth Huwe/FOCUS4 / 6
PHS students gathered in the Meinhover Field bleachers laughed, cheered, and groaned during the games at Perham’s pep fest. Elizabeth Huwe/FOCUS5 / 6
Alyssa Studer mummified Lauren Hanson in toilet paper as part of the PHS homecoming pep fest activities. Little did Hanson know, a whipped cream pie was waiting with her name on it. Elizabeth Huwe/FOCUS6 / 6

Trey Moberg and Tina Scheidecker, left, were chosen Homecoming King and Queen during the Perham High School coronation held Oct. 1.

Seniors Autumn Roberts and Taylor Ericksrud, right, were crowned king and queen at the New York Mills coronation ceremony held in the high school auditorium last Tuesday.