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Fleck’s contract not renewed

The Perham-Dent School Board has voted to not renew its coaching contract with Charlie Fleck.

Fleck, the championship-winning head coach of the gymnastics program, was up for a contract renewal before the winter season began.

However, with a vote of six “ayes” and one “abstain” at a meeting Oct. 16, the board opted not to renew, with no discussion. 

This decision follows the recent termination of Fleck’s head coaching contract with the Lakes Area Gymnastics Academy.

When contacted after the meeting, Perham-Dent Superintendent Mitch Anderson declined to comment on the decision. 

According to Anderson, Fleck has 10 days to respond to the board. From there, he can request a hearing with the board or written reasoning for not being renewed.

Anderson said the written reasoning has already been supplied to Fleck, along with a copy of the resolution.

The board also voted at the meeting to approve winter activity coaches, advisors and staff. However, as of press time Tuesday, the gymnastics program was without a head or assistant coach. 

Anderson said former assistant gymnastics coach, Matt Horner, resigned earlier this year in a decision not connected to Fleck.

Both positions are posted, said Anderson, adding that he is “pretty confident” that new coaching staff will be hired and in place before the season begins on Nov. 11.