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NYM school levy drops 5.24 percent

Taxpayers in the New York Mills School District will see a decrease on their property taxes paid to the school for 2014.

At its Dec. 16 meeting, the New York Mills School Board approved a 5.24 percent decrease on its 2014 levy.

The levy will collect around $940,000 for the district.

This is a further reduction from the preliminary 2.65 percent decrease that was approved at September’s meeting.

Levy rates are decided by the Minnesota Department of Education, not by the school boards or districts.

Over all, the general fund portion will decrease by 17.44 percent, which includes a referendum.

The community service fund will decrease by 6 percent, as well.

Effects from refunding bonds earlier this year were reflected in the levy. Originally, the debt service levy would have seen a 3.5 percent increase; instead, it increased by .64 percent.

No members of the public were present to comment or ask questions about the levy or Truth in Taxation presentation.

In other news,

- Four student teachers are expected to begin at the elementary school in January. Three will work with third grade classrooms, and the other will be in second grade.