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Speech team takes first at Henning

On March 15, the Perham Speech Team traveled to Henning to compete against seven other teams, taking first place as a team.

Individual results were as follows:

-Mike Thompson, first place (creative)

-Nick Listrom, fifth place (discussion)

-Tyler Wieser-Mathews, fourth place (discussion)

-Maria Lorenson, second place (discussion)

-Callie Wangle, second place (drama)

-Anika Kovar, fifth place (drama)

-Alyssa Olson, third place (drama)

-Rory Risk and Chris Knutson, first place (duo)

-Jackie Hanson and Morgan Hanson, fourth place (duo)

-Abby Zepper and Jada Halbakken, third place (duo)

-Audrey Swanson and Haley Galbrecht, second place (duo)

-Kayla Heier, fourth place (extemporaneous reading)

-Heidi Weber, third place (extemporaneous reading)

-Alyssa Moris, third place (extemporaneous speaking)

-Julia Pearson, second place (great speeches)

-Zepherian Richardson, first place (great speeches)

-Blake Franklin, first place (humor)

-Ian Christenson, fifth place (humor)

-Alex Wegsheid, second place (humor)

-Rachel Newville, first place (informative)

-Paityn Lund, fifth place (informative)

-Jenna Wegscheid, second place (informative)

-Brynnan Covington, blue ribbon (original oratory)

-Mary Reistenberg, blue ribbon (original oratory)

-Aaron Wegscheid, second place (original oratory)

-Michaela Sondag, fourth place (original oratory)

-Phranai Danthanachai, fifth place (original oratory)

-Amelia Portrament, red ribbon (poetry)

-Emma Sweere, first place (poetry)

-Allie Christenson, second place (poetry)

-Sam Greene, second place (prose)

-Kayla Hodgens, third place (prose)

-Sydney Biksen, fourth place (prose)

-Andy Newville, second place (storytelling)