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School parking lots to be sealcoated

Three parking lots of Perham-Dent School District buildings will be sealcoated this summer.

Rather than completely redoing or overlaying the lots, a sealcoat of oil and pea rock will be applied at Heart of the Lakes Elementary, Prairie Wind Middle School and the bus corral that lies between the two buildings.

The sealcoat will be applied by Caldwell Asphalt of Hawick, Minn., after the firm completes paving on city projects. The work at the schools, which may take up to two days, should be done in mid to late July.

Because Caldwell will already have equipment and a crew in Perham, the district was able to save on the project’s expenses. Cost estimates were about $12,000 each for the elementary lot and bus corral and around $15,000 for the middle school lot. An estimate from another company for the project was about $6,000 more for only one of the smaller lots.

Expenses for this work are under the amount that would have been required the collection of official bids.

Before and after the sealcoating, the city sweeper will go over the lots for a fee that has not yet been determined, said district Superintendent, Mitch Anderson. Patching and crack-filling work will also be included.

The sealcoat should last 5 to 8 years, Anderson said at the regular June school board meeting. If lucky, it could last for as long as 10 years.

“To my knowledge, the lots have been seal coated once since they were originally installed 20 and 25 years ago,” Anderson said in an email to the Focus.

Funding for lot maintenance was included in the capital projects levy, which was passed by voters in 2012.