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'Sharing Science'

Damon Tumberg blows a big bubble as classmate Kori Salo looks on as they demonstrate a chemistry lesson during "Sharing Science" last week at the school.1 / 2
Jordan Usher lets a Balloon Rocket fly.2 / 2

New York Mills 1st and 6th-graders participated in the annual "Sharing Science" activity at the school.

The 6th-graders worked on their projects for several weeks during science time and the projects they chose to focus on this year, and the area of science they addressed, included the following:

Fossils (Paleontology); Playdoh (Chemistry); Tornado Tubes (Weather); Pinwheel Rockets (Force and Motion); Bubbles (Chemistry); Gak (Chemistry); Hoovercrafts (Force and Motion); Blow Rockets (Force and Motion); Oil Globes (Chemistry); Hero Engines (Force and Motion); Parachutes (Air Resistance); Balloon Rockets (Force and Motion)

The fun afternoon in science gave the students an opportunity to bring many of the activities home to play with, talk about, and just simply enjoy.