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School enrollment downturn expected

New York Mills School District officials are projecting enrollment to be down this year when the district starts school Sept. 8.

With enrollment changing daily the last two weeks prior to school opening, enrollment history and projections presented at Monday's school board meeting indicate the district is expected to be down about 25 students from last year.

According to the figures presented by business manager Marsha Maki, the district projects 691 total enrollment for the 2009-10 school year. This compares to 715 total enrollment in 2008-09.

The largest class this school year is expected to be kindergarten, with projected enrollment of 63 students in three sections. This is 10 more kindergarten students than last year, and a total of eight more in Pre-K, Special Ed., and Kindergarten.

Enrollment in elementary grades 1-6 is expected to be down 20 students this school year, with 305 projected enrollment in those grades, compared to 325 last year. In the high school, enrollment is down 12 students, with 317 projected to start school Sept. 8.

The 63 kindergarten students projected is the largest class in grades K-6. The largest class projected in the high school is the senior class with 62 students.

Marsha Maki, the school's business manager, reiterated to the board the numbers will change daily with students moving in and out of the district up to the first day of school.

Projected enrollment

Kindergarten - 63

Grade 1 - 50

Grade 2 - 52

Grade 3 - 48

Grade 4 - 57

Grade 5 - 51

Grade 6 - 47

Grade 7 - 51

Grade 8 - 50

Grade 9 - 50

Grade 10 - 53

Grade 11 - 51

Grade 12 - 62