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School's MCA II test results presented at board meeting

The New York Mills School Board was presented an overview of the district's MCA II 2008-09 test results at Monday's meeting.

High school principal Blaine Novak provided what he called a "snap-shot" of the results. In reading, NY Mills were proficient at or above the state average in grades 3-6, and 10th grade, with the 7th and 8th-graders falling below the state average.

The math results didn't look quite so well, with all but one grade tested falling below the state average of proficiency. Sixth-graders were 79.24 proficient, above the state average of 63.75.


Grade 3: NYM-81.13 percent; State-78.32 percent

Grade 4: NYM-86.63 percent; State-74.51 percent

Grade 5: NYM-72.54 percent; State-72.23 percent

Grade 6: NYM-84.9 percent; State-72.59 percent

Grade 7: NYM-47.05 percent; State-64.8 percent

Grade 8: NYM-60.78 percent; State-66.79 percent

Grade 11: NYM-76.92 percent; State-74.15 percent

District: NYM-72.67 percent; State-71.92 percent


Grade 3: NYM-75.92 percent; State-82.09 percent

Grade 4: NYM-72.72 percent; State-74.86 percent

Grade 5: NYM-54.9 percent; State-65.44 percent

Grade 6: NYM-79.24 percent; State-63.75 percent

Grade 7: NYM-47.05 percent; State-62.62 percent

Grade 8: NYM-41.17 percent; State-59.65 percent

Grade 10: NYM-26.66 percent; State-41.61 percent

District: NYM-56.53 percent; State-63.86 percent

School open house

The annual fall open house is scheduled for Sept. 2, 4-8 p.m., with 7th grade orientation at 5 p.m.

Fall sports numbers

New athletic director Travis Hensch presented the fall sports participation numbers to the board. Football has 31 players in grades 9-12; volleyball has 25; and girls tennis has 13 participating this fall.

Other board business

- Approved two out-of-district bus requests for three students in Perham and Wadena.

- Approved the bus routes for the 2009-10 school year.

- Approved an overnight volleyball trip for a tournament in Litchfield Oct. 9-10.

- Approved the appointments of Angela Turner, Elementary Title I Math/Reading; Angela Turner, Jr. High volleyball.

- Accepted the resignations of Angie Dertinger-Moats, para-professional; and Ron Wallace, custodian.