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Combined 'oldtimers' and student band performs at PHS Homecoming; more players encouraged

Over-the-hill musicians joined forces with spry, young players Sept. 17--for the first rehearsal of the combined community-school pep band.

The group, under the direction of Kurt Hoesly, is working up several tunes for the Sept. 25 Homecoming game.

Another practice is set for Sept. 24, 6 p.m., in the middle school band room. The group will gather at the football field between 6 and 6:30 p.m. Homecoming night.

Though many of the adults are coming out of "retirement" after many years, the group managed to muddle through several pep band pieces--including the U of M's "Minnesota Rouser," which is also the Perham High School school song.

"I was a little worried when there were only three of us in the music room at a couple minutes to six...but by 6:05, we had about a dozen people," reported Hoesly on the first practice, last week.

"Some of us were a little rusty, but I think it's pretty safe to say that we put out a decent sound - especially considering how long it has been since some of the people there have actually played," said Hoesly.

The combined adult-student group will make a number of appearances through the year, though a specific schedule has not been firmed up.

The next engagement will likely be Oct. 27, a potential football playoff date.

Meanwhile, a string group comprised of student musicians will also make appearances at games and events through the year.

No decision has been made yet for winter season performance dates, regarding which group will play for which games.

Adults are encouraged to join the musical group. Dates could be as few as four to six over the year, so the time commitment will be minimal.

For information, call the school at 218-346-4501, and ask for Kurt Hoesly.