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NDSU student government keeps pushing for smoking ban

FARGO -- The student government at North Dakota State University reaffirmed its support Sunday night for a smoking ban on campus.

Students voted for a campus-wide smoking ban last spring, with 62 percent favoring a ban. The election had nearly 3,900 students participating, a record for NDSU student elections.

NDSU staff and faculty will soon be polled on their opinions about a smoking ban.

"We really want to impress on them that this is something the students want and continue to want," said Jeb Lockwood, a student senator representing off-campus students.

NDSU currently allows smoking outside except for within 50 feet of building entrances.

In March, a proposal to ban smoking for the all 11 campuses in the North Dakota University System failed at a meeting of the state Board of Higher Education. Members favored having campuses develop their own policies.