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Mills school board member resigns; takes technology position

A New York Mills School Board member resigned Monday to accept a supervisor position in the school district.

Lapene Maijala stepped down from his position as a board member, effective immediately, after being hired as Technology Supervisor with the school.

"I enjoyed the time I spent on the board and believe the board has done, and will continue to do, what is best for the children and the school district," Maijala wrote in his resignation letter presented to the board Monday. "I'm proud of what the board has accomplished in the short time that I served as a member and I will not forget the sacrifices and anguish a serving member of the board suffers when challenged with decisions that affect people and the community."

Maijala has been on the board since being elected in 2007. He will replace Ben Dahlin as Technology Supervisor, who left earlier this year to take a similar position with Lakes Country Service Cooperative.

Prior to being elected to the board, Maijala had applied for the Technology Supervisor position when Dahlin was hired five years ago.

The board will appoint a person to fill the vacant spot, which is a 4-year term and will be up for election in November, 2010.

There are no real particular rules or guidelines for the board in appointing someone to the vacancy. Board members have tentatively scheduled a workshop Nov. 17 to discuss appointment possibilities.

The board will likely name Maijala's replacement at the November or December meeting.

General Obligation certificates

The board passed a resolution Monday authorizing the issuance and sale of capital facilities bonds to pay for a special assessment to the school district for the city's 2009 street/utility rehabiliation project.

The school district was assessed $128,403 for property along Gilman Street.

The bonds issued are on a 10-year note and is not new tax revenue. Essentially, the district borrows capital facilities funds from its own budget and will pay itself back.


The board approved four appointments Monday, which include: Paul Detloff, Elementary Football; Dan Schik, Assistant Track; Lapene Maijala, Technology Supervisor; Kerri Speer, One-Act Play.

The one resignation accepted by the board was Nicole Perala, Assistant Track.

Out-of-district bus requests

The board approved three requests for Perham and Bluffton. The first request is for one student to be picked up at the Service Foods stop in Perham. The second request is for two students to be picked up at Pine Cone Park address in Perham.

The Bluffton request is for two students to be picked up on Bluff Creek Road.

Oct. 1 enrollment

District enrollment stayed the same on Oct. 1 as what was reported the first day of school.

Total enrollment Oct. 1 is 720 students in grades pre-k through 12. There are 320 students in grades 7-12, and 313 in grades 1-6. The high school enrollment decreased by four students since the first day, and grades 1-6 increased by three students.

There are currently 62 students in kindergarten, one less than the first day, and 25 in pre-k and kindergarten.