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Senior editors piece together yearbook

The New York Mills High School editors, from left, Kaitlyn Hintsula, Katie Schik, Julie Eisenlohr, Stephanie Lemon, Betsy Helmeke, Ben Jacobson, and Chris Arvidson. Not pictured are Emilie Krog and Lauren Marske.

Terie Rehm

New York Mills High School

People may not be thinking about the end of the school year, but this year there are nine New York Mills High School seniors working on the yearbook that will be distributed in May. Each of them will be working on how the whole book will be designed, from cover to cover.

Each day the seniors are assigned a task that they are supposed to get accomplished. For example, on any given day they may be creating pages for ads, putting names to faces of athletic teams, or deciding what each page is going to look like. The seniors work on each page together, by one group starting a task during fourth period and a seventh period group finishing it.

Right now the seniors are working on putting names to faces, selecting backgrounds and getting their first deadline done, which consists of 16 completed pages. The most difficult part so far is trying to get people to buy ads.

Advice for next year's editors from senior Julie Eisenlohr is, "Try to be different by being more creative."