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Contract agreement nears in NY Mills

New York Mills Public School teachers and the school board negotiations committee have met three times so far and have been making progress towards a settlement, according to Superintendent Todd Cameron.

The district has offered a soft freeze the first year, meaning the teachers would get their step or year of experience on the salary schedule and a hard freeze the second year, meaning no step advancement.

The teachers have requested a 1 percent salary increase each year of the two-year contract.

New York Mills has not requested mediation and is close to an agreement as the two sides next meet Monday, Dec. 7 at 5 p.m.

"Our process with the teachers has always been respectful and that speaks very highly of our teachers and school board members working together," Cameron said.

Cameron also commented the meetings have been productive with good discussion and dialogue between both parties, and a settlement is in reach before the Jan. 15 deadline.