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Perham helps 'Fill the Dome' with food

Food items were spread across the floor of the Fargodome1 / 2
Perham students pose for a close-up after delivering food shelf collections to the dome-doing their part for the regional "Fill the Dome" campaign.2 / 2

It has often been said that "the good that you do will come back to you."

This common expression seems cliché but in the case of the Perham schools, it is completely relevant. The students in these schools have participated in numerous community service oriented activities in the past few years. These activities include three Pay it Forward tours leaving from Perham High School, Pay It Forward days in the community, sand-bagging in Fargo, and more recently the Fill the Dome project.

In efforts to raise food for the Perham Area Food Shelf, and in turn Fill the Dome (a student led food drive in the Fargo-Moorhead area) Perham students used food drives, trick or canning, and even going door to door asking for help.

Perham students also received help from the Perham Area Community Center, where the food was stored, and weighed. Even college students got involved through a Pay it Forward tour that came to Perham. These students helped collect food in Perham and Dent.

By Monday, Nov. 23 the food drive had raised over 4,300 pounds of food for the Perham Area Food Shelf. Students also attended the Fill the Dome event at the Fargodome where they helped pack the food. Over 50 schools helped with the efforts.

In total, over 97 tons of food and $96,000 were raised to help alleviate hunger in Minnesota and North Dakota.

The Perham High School Student Council would like to thank the Perham community for all the help, support, and donations. Without the help of the community, this would have been impossible.