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UND student apologizes for rape satire

GRAND FORKS -- After a satirical column involving the subject of date rape backfired in dramatic fashion, Dakota Student columnist Josh Brorby has written another column to apologize.

He wrote in the UND student paper that he meant for the column to be a "satirical piece attempting to get predatory men across our university to take a long, hard look at themselves and their behavior."

Many of his readers, especially women, thought he was celebrating date rape, in part because he wrote in the voice of the rapist. He even called the standard tactic of getting women drunk and taking advantage of them "the Brorby Method for One-Night Standing."

Many readers seemed to have missed the part where he said his method requires "a complete lack of respect for not only the person you plan to involve, but yourself."

"I am truly sorry, and I apologize to all readers of the Dakota Student," he wrote in his apology. "It was a gross mistake on my part to submit the piece."

He then used the rest of the column to highlight the problem with the "predatory-sexual mindset of some men" for which sex is a form of sport and conquest.

Brorby's full column may be found on