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NY Mills School finds savings in restrooms

Cost savings measures are making it to the trenches at New York Mills Public School, in the form of toilet paper and paper towels.

Building and Grounds Supervisor Terry Scheidecker presented the school board with information on switching bathroom products. Cost savings for the district by switching brands and products will total $1,776 in paper towels and $2,099 in toilet paper. Percentage of savings is roughly 12 percent, which includes product and labor.

Scheidecker was invited to the board meeting to give a report on his department. He told the board he tries to get vendors to look at competitive pricing.

Staff-wise, he said they reduced cleaning crew personnel as part of cuts a couple years ago and the current staff overall is doing what has always been done.

"The school looks gorgeous," said Rachel Grieger, board president, before asking if there was anything the board could do to improve things for his department.

"No, we're making it work," Scheidecker said. "We're always looking for ways to save money."

Head football coach vacancy

The New York Mills High School football team is looking for a new coach.

On Monday, the school board voted to not renew the assignment of head football coach Jon Kotaska.

Kotaska coached the team for three seasons, in which the Eagles finished a collective 1-25.

Enrollment down

New York Mills Public School saw a dip in enrollment according to the Jan. 1 numbers released at Monday's school board meeting.

The district showed total enrollment of 706, pre-kindergarten through grade 12. This total is down 14 students from 720 reported on Oct. 1 and the first day of school.

There are currently six students in pre-k, 14 in junior kindergarten, and 63 in kindergarten. Grades 1-6 have a total enrollment of 306, down seven from Oct. 1; and 317 in grades 7-12, which is down seven from what was reported Oct. 1.

NY Mills is down 20 students from Jan. 1 in 2009. In 2008, total enrollment was 749; 756 in 2007; and 747 in 2006. NY Mills saw its highest enrollment the past decade in 2000, with 786 students.