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'Perham Pride' campaign brings 160 new books to middle school library

Excited students lined up to check out the brand new books which the library bought, with proceeds from the "Perham Pride" fundraiser.1 / 2
New books in the middle school library are pictured here. A total of 160 books were purchased, with money raised by Marion Johnson's "Perham Pride" bumper magnet sales.2 / 2

The Perham Prairie Wind Middle School library grew by 160 books recently.

The middle school purchased the new books with  "Perham Pride" bumper magnet money. In addition to the book purchase, proceeds from the sale of the magnets also enabled the middle school to add a second computer lab.

The brand new books include titles by Anthony Horowitz, Kate DiCamillo, and other great authors of children and youth books.

Within a short period of time, nearly all the books were checked out

"They were so excited, and I was so exhausted after that day was over-but in a good way," commented library staffer Wanda Kupferschmid.  "It is hard to get a feel for just how many books were on top of the shelves that day-the camera did not do it justice."

"Perham Pride" is the message on the magnetic bumper stickers, which are now seen everywhere around town. They were sold as a fundraiser.

The "Perham Pride" bumper stickers were the brainchild of Marion Johnson. Though she has only lived in the Perham area for ten years, she and her husband Bob "love living in the area."

The fundraiser was targeted to generate $25,000, when all 2,500 of the magnetic stickers are sold.

Keep It Local, owned by Bob and Marion Johnson, matched $5 for each magnet sold.

All the money from sales of the magnets was donated to the Perham 549 Family Foundation, which is the clearinghouse for donations.