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NY Mills Elementary kicks off 'I Love to Read' month

Jerni Holweg, left, and Kaylee Yoder found a comfortable reading spot Friday in Angela Turner's classroom at New York Mills Elementary during "Snuggle Up With a Good Book Day." Students and staff were encouraged to wear pajamas for the day-long reading event to kick off "I Love to Read Month."1 / 3
Edan Cassidy, Ashley Selander, and Bobbi Jo Eblen snuggle up with a good book in Angela Turner's classroom Friday.2 / 3
Students in Ms. Askew's 5th grade class, from left, Emily Adams, Carson Mann, Peyton Vaden, Makayla Brauch and Summer Marcell gathered in the Elementary Media Center for some reading.3 / 3

New York Mills Elementary School students gathered their blankets and showed up to their classrooms in pajamas Friday for a "Snuggle Up With a Good Book Day".

Students and teachers were encouraged to wear pajamas and slippers, and to bring blankets and curl up with a good book during the day.

Each year, the school puts together activities to spark student interest in reading at the elementary grade levels. With the winter Olympics taking place this year, the school is taking on the same theme with "I Love to Read-Olympic Style."

If certain reading goals are met at the end of the month, Dean of Students Travis Hensch promises to dye his hair green in celebration of February's "I Love to Read Month."

The school will conduct an Olympic-like opening ceremony on Feb. 11 at 1 p.m. in the auditorium for all grades K-6.

During the opening ceremony:

Mr. Hensch will introduce all K-6 classes and their respective countries that they will represent during the Olympics.

Mr. Hensch will also explain a bit about the Olympics and do something to illustrate what 80 countries looks like (that's about how many countries compete in the Winter Olympics).

Laurine Braukmann's class will explain the Olympic creed and motto; Rita Askew's class will explain the various sports that are played; and Cheri Tumberg's class will discuss Paralympics/Special Olympics.

School-wide reading goal

On top of these individual goals, NYM Elementary will also have a school-wide goal for reading.

NYM Elementary enrollment as of Feb. 2 stands at about 380 students. If 304 students (70 percent of total enrollment) reach the "Gold Medal" mark, Mr. Hensch will dye his hair and beard green during the closing ceremony.

Dress up days

Wednesday, Feb. 10 will be "sweat it out with a good book" day. Students and teachers may wear sweat pants/sweatshirts, wind pants or whatever they can find at home.

Friday, Feb. 12 is "School Spirit Day. Students and teachers may wear any blue/white clothing to exhibit school spirit that day.

Wednesday, Feb. 17 is "Hats Off to Reading Day". Students and teachers are encouraged to wear their favorite hats during school this day and curl up with a fun book to read.

Friday, Feb. 19 is "Reading, My Favorite Sport Day." Students are encouraged to dress up in their favorite sport clothes, or their favorite teamwear.

Feb. 23 will be "Read with Style" day. Students and teachers are encouraged to dress up in style (their favorite "Sunday best" attire or dress clothes.)

Finally, Feb. 26 will be "Read until you're GREEN!" day. Students and teachers are encouraged to wear green in a massive effort to attain their month long reading goal so that Mr. Hensch's beard and hair can be dyed green!