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A Decathlon of Reading

Perham elementary students have seized the Winter Olympics as a motivational theme to reach reading goals.

Goals have been set for classrooms, and students win a chance at drawings for prizes as they attain the goals, according to Kathy Bickell, media specialist at Heart of the Lakes Elementary School. The Olympic theme was a natural this year for February - "I Love to Read Month."

The Olympic reading "marathon" will continue until Feb. 26-when the school will host a closing ceremony, not unlike the finale to the Winter Olympics.

Different projects are planned for the different grades, said Bickell.

For the kindergarten kids, there will be coloring activities with an Olympic theme.

First graders will be creating an Olympic poster, along with their reading.

Second graders will be writing a story about what sport they would select if they were in the Olympics.

"A Decathlon of Reading" will be the project for the third graders. Students will be challenged to read something from each of ten genres of literature-such as biography, fiction, fantasy, etc.

Fourth graders will have an experience of working with younger students, as they will be visiting the kindergarten classrooms and reading aloud to youngsters.