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NY Mills logged nearly 50,000 miles for 189 open enrollment students last year

A bus report to the New York Mills School Board shed some interesting light on open enrollment over the past decade.

In 2001, there were 46 students open enrolled into NY Mills from neighboring districts. The total bus miles traveled outside of the district to pick up open enrollment students at that time was 14,705.

Open enrollment into NY Mills peaked in 2009 with 189 students-which generated 48,094 miles of bus traffic outside district boundaries.

This year, 2009-10, there are 178 open enrollment students.

The bus report was reviewed by the New York Mills School Board at the Feb. 22 meeting.

Of the total 141,375 miles logged on the NY Mills fleet of busses in the 2008-09 school year, 34 percent were outside of the district.

The bus report also included an inventory of busses presently in the NY Mills fleet. On the high end, there is a 1995 IC Genesis bus with 202,077 miles.

The newest rig is a 2010 Blue Bird, with 12,546 miles.

Nine of the 14 busses have tallied more than 100,000 miles.

The last bus purchased, in 2008, cost $88,140. This compares to $45,728 for a bus purchased 20 years earlier, in 1988.

The last three busses acquired by the district are leased machines. The lease prices were not included in the report.

Three open enrollment students from Perham, Sebeka, Wadena OK'd for bussing to NY Mills

Three open enrollment students requesting transportation to New York Mills were approved by the school board Feb. 22.

One student is a tenth-grader from Sebeka, who has arranged to be picked up on County Highway 19.

Another student is a Perham eighth-grader, who will be picked up in town.

The third student is a Wadena ninth-grader, who has arranged to be picked up at a Bluffton bus stop.