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Add lacrosse, badminton to New York Mills school sports? school sports in New York Mills?

A student survey conducted earlier in February produced some odd responses.

A total of 131 students were interviewed, reported Activities Director Travis Hensch at the New York Mills School Board meeting.

Would you like more sports at New York Mills? That was one of the questions, to which 79 percent of the students responded, "yes."

Next question: Which sports would you like to see?

Hockey topped the list, with 48 percent. Golf was second, at 35 percent; followed by soccer, with 33 percent.

But for something completely different, 27 percent of the students favored badminton; and 24 percent suggested lacrosse. Gymnastics was favored by 27 percent.

How serious the students were with regard to badminton and lacrosse is uncertain. And the obvious issue would be finding schools to compete against.

But the hockey and the golf responses gave cause for contemplation. With regard to golf, the survey tied right into a school board discussion on pairing with Wadena-Deer Creek with its golf program.

"The hockey response struck me as odd," commented Hensch, noting that New York Mills has had a hockey pairing agreement with Wadena for some time. He suggested that there may be a lack of awareness among students and families that the hockey co-op agreement even exists.

Among the other questions posed in the survey:

• During the last 30 days, how often have you skipped school? "Never" was the response from 73 percent of those NY Mills students responding. Twenty-two percent said they had skipped once or twice; and four percent said three to five times.

• What grade do you most often receive during the year? Forty-three percent said they earn As; 30 percent said Bs; 20 percent Cs and 6 percent, Ds.

• If you're involved in a sport, what grades do you normally receive in a season?" Forty-nine percent said As; 35 percent Bs; 9 percent Cs; and 6 percent said Ds.

• Finally, the survey asked, "How many days over the past week have you exercised or worked out that made you sweat or breathe hard for at least 20 minutes?" Ten percent said not at all; 17 percent said one to two days; 24 percent said three to four days; 25 percent said five days; 9 percent exercised six days; and 15 percent said they exercised seven days over the past week.

NY Mills students to golf with Wadena

A two-year co-op agreement to offer golf to New York Mills students-with the Wadena-Deer Creek program- was approved by the New York Mills School Board on Feb. 22.

As many as 27 students may be interested in the Wadena golf program, reported Travis Hensch.

"We explored all the options and considered everything," said Hensch, adding that he reached the conclusion that in a time of budget cutting, it was not wise to add a complete program in NY Mills.

Under the agreement with Wadena, the participation fee will be $100 per student.

"By offering the program for a fee of $100, that is less than we would have if we put our own program together," said Hensch.

Participants from NY Mills will need to provide their own transportation to Wadena, and will also need to have their own golf equipment.

Board member Rachel Grieger said the two-year experiment is a good idea, as it will offer a two-year trial to gauge student interest before launching an exclusive NY Mills program.