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February was 'Literacy Month' in schools

February could just as well be called "National Literacy Month."

In schools everywhere, February has become a full four weeks of reading. Often, there is a contest between classes; teachers and administrators give reading pep talks; and there is usually a theme. The winter Olympics was a popular theme for "Literacy Month" 2010-and it was deployed by both the Perham and New York Mills schools.

Rather than focus on one school-wide goal, individual classrooms each came up with a goal applicable to their age group, said Kathy Bickell, librarian at Heart of the Lakes elementary school.

In addition the media center introduced the kids to a variety of books through a "Decathalon" of reading using biographies, poetry, fantasy, non-fiction, historical fiction, etc.

Classes were challenged to read-aloud to younger groups and some wrote about the Olympics. The kids enjoyed a variety of dress-up days, including a patriotic theme and dressing like their favorite book character.

Students also had an opportunity to hone their writing skills during "Literacy Month," just as the Olympics were in action.

Here are a few of the writing samples:

Second grade writers pen Olympic dreams

If I was in the Olympics I would like to be a speed skater because it looks very cool when they go so fast. And the gold medals are cool.

By: Drew Birkeland

If I was in the Olympics I would like to be in tennis. Tennis is so cool when I watch it. It's like a ball shooting out of a cannon. Tennis is like a cool sport and I like it a lot.

By: Carlee Potrament

If I was in the Olympics I would like to be a hockey player. It would be fun at the Olympics because I would see a lot of people cheering for me. I would be on team U.S.A. because they are really good.

By: Maddux Kovash

If I was in the Olympics I would like to skate because it seems so free in the world. In a lot of sports in the world they can be dangerous. Skating just seems so free.

By: Jazzmin Branchaud

If I was in the Olympics I would like to go bobsledding because I love to go sledding. Also I love to fall off. Also I like sledding because you do not have to do any work.

By: Olivia McNair

If I was in the Olympics I would like to be a snowboarder and hit big jumps so I can do all kinds of tricks and win the gold medal. I would have a really cool snowboard.

By: Dawson Kellogg

If I was in the Olympics I would like to go bobsledding! It would be fun because you can go very fast and feel wind blow in your face!! My bobsled would be black with flames.

By: Benny Minten

If I was in the Olympics I would like to be a skater. I would wear a special dazzling dress with sparkling silver skates. I would skate by myself.

By: Riley License

If I was in the Olympics I would like to snowboard with a cool shirt that says "Olympic Snowboarder". I'd like to go on a ramp with other people and lots of crowds screaming and cheering. I'd do lots of tricks and cool jumps. That's what I'd be in the Olympics.

By: Chase Williams

Fourth graders pick their Olympic sport

If I were in the Olympics I would be a snowboarder. I would participate on the half pipe. Curling is a cool sport too. You have to push a rock onto a target to get points. I watch the Olympics every time when I can.

Hockey is an okay sport. I don't like it though. Speed skating is a sport where you race another person. There's alot of different events for speed skating. Skiing is cool too. Did you know that they go up to 80 miles per hour!

Olympics come two years apart for winter. Two years later is summer, then winter again.

By: Noah Doll

If I were in the Olympics I would do gymnastics for team USA. I would wear a leotard. I think it's a really cool sport because you do a lot of exercise.

Gymnastics has a lot to do with lifting yourself up, like headstands, hand-stands, the bars, cartwheels, flip-flops, back flips and more. I think that gymnastics is very hard and people that aren't in it think that it is harder than it looks.

But for me it's actually really easy because I've been in it for a long time.

By: Chantelle Lysne

If I were in the Olympics I would probably be a snowboarder. Shaun White would probably be my hero. The Men half-pipe event would totally be the section of snowboarding I would be in. If I couldn't be a snowboarder I would want to luge. One because you can go really fast and it is dangerous and because I'm kind of a daredevil. If I was a luger I would wear a red, white and blue suit with stars on my helmet. If I were a snowboarder I would wear snow pants that look like jeans, white goggles, red bull snowboard with a cool jacket. It would be fun to fly up in the air and do crazy tricks. It would be fun to meet Shaun White. Speed skating is a cool sport and it would be fun to race other people.

By: Riley Doyle

If I were in the Olympics I would try as hard as possible. I would be an Olympic basketball player on team U.S.A. I would wear a T-shirt and sweat pants. If I couldn't be in basketball I'd be in Ice Hockey. The point of Ice Hockey is to score in the opponents net. Otherwise I'd be in snowboarding or skiing. It'd be cool to go 80 mph!!! It would be awesome to do some freestyle skiing because I could do a 720 degree spin. I'd be a half-pipe snowboarder. If I could talk to any Olympic participant it would be either Linsey Vonn or Shawn White. If I were in the Olympics it'd be really cool because I could talk to a whole bunch of participants. I would try to visit as many schools as possible. I would donate a lot of my money to charity. What would you do if you were in the Olympics?

By: Tanner Knutsen

If I was in the Olympics I would like to play curling because I think I could be good. Also my dad plays curling and he is really good. So I might be good like him.

I would go for U.S.A. because I live in that country. I would wear red, white and blue. A red shirt, blue sweat shirt and pants, and white tennis. That's why I would like to be in the Olympics.

By: Mara Leslie

What I like about the Olympics is the effort they do for their countries and also it's very fun. Also it is something to look forward to. The most important thing about the Olympics is to have fun and be safe. Some of my favorite Winter Olympic sports are bobsled, luge and snowboarding. I like the idea of the winter Olympic sports. I think I like the thought of flying all the way to Vancouver, Canada, but the U.S.A. RULES!!

By: Treyton Shepersky