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Yellowjacket Speech Team undefeated against area teams

The Yellowjacket Speech Team took another first place victory in Underwood on March 13.

The win over 15 other teams followed first place victories in Clarissa, Staples, and Dilworth.

On February 27, the team traveled to the Twin Cities to compete at one of Minnesota's largest speech tournaments held at Eastview High School in Apple Valley.

The Yellowjackets were the only single A school in a sea of AA schools. Perham faired well beating half of all the teams in attendance. Competitors making it into final rounds included Elena Arvig, Kenzi Kovar, and Whitney Delaney.

Upcoming events include the AA meet at Detroit Lakes on March 20, the Speech Expo on March 25, and Sub-Sections on March 27 in New York Mills.

Public invited to Speech Expo March 25

The Speech Expo is a night of entertainment for the entire community. The event begins at 5 p.m. at the high school commons. The event starts with the Speech Garage Band as entertainment, auction basket bids, and socializing. At 5:30 a spaghetti dinner will begin along with speech team awards. At 6, Yellowjacket Speech Seniors will perform on the stage in the auditorium, and at 7 six competitors will perform in rooms across the high school for audience members.

The Yellowjacket Speech team consists of 55 competitors from grades 7-12.

Coaches for the team include, Tricia Irvine, Kasey Karsnia, Sandra Wieser-Matthews, and volunteer coach Tom Tomporowski. Emily Wurgler is the team manager and PHS graduates Leah Johnson, Kurt Weber, Megan Shipman, and Abby Huebsch also help volunteer.

The following competitors placed in Underwood:

Creative Expression:

Kiowa Wieser-Matthews-Excellent

Rachel Wuebben-Superior

Whitney Delaney-1st


Whitney Carrow-Excellent

Becca Huebsch-3rd


Hannah Lorentz-Superior

Karlee Omberg-3rd


Abby Kalina/Amber Kalina-Superior

Cyd Nelson/Riley Rothmeyer-Superior

Janina Magdalson/Anika Tholeson-2nd

Extemp. Reading:

Karlee Omberg-Excellent

Katilyn Young-5th

Kjirsten Kroenke-3rd


Kat Kawleski-Superior

Anika Tholeson-2nd


Courtney Guck-2nd

Mark Huebsch-1st


Megan Lesline-Superior

Stephen Lein-Superior

Mary Riestenberg-4th

Angie Pearson-2nd


Whitney Delaney-Superior

Andrew Riestenberg-3rd

Janina Magdalson-1st


Sam Stoll-Excellent

Paige Meyer-Excellent

Annie Johnson-Superior

Kenzie Kovar-2nd

Leah Wuebben-1st


Kenzie Kovar-Superior

Brian Howey-4th