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Perham school enrollment hovering around 1,400

Enrollment in the Perham schools held steady for the past two months, with 1,399 students in April, grades k-12.

This was actually one student up from the March count, according to the monthly enrollment report presented to the Perham School Board April 21.

The year started with 1,424 students. Even at a drop to 1,399 from school start to April, the enrollment total is better than the original projection of 1,368 students.

The Heart of the Lakes elementary school reported a good turnout at the annual spring "Kindergartern Round-Up.

To date 62 students have registered for kindergarten next spring. Another 24 students are prospects, but have not registered yet, according to elementary Principal Kari Yates.

In other news from the April 21 school board meeting:

-German language teacher Patricia McClellan was placed on unrequested leave of absence.

-An initial proposal to place physical education teacher Ryan Hendrickson on unrequested leave was rescinded

-Jill Walter was approved as a half-time English teacher and a part time technology coach for the 2010-2011 school year.

-Approved as a long-term substitute teacher Mark Larson.