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Summer offers students academic enrichment opportunities

Mrs. Hamann with area school student inventors participated in the "What If?" class in Alexandria's 2010 Challenge Summer Academy.1 / 2
Mrs. Tricia Hamann, Perham schools educator, and enrichment class student, Gage Donovan.2 / 2

Summer is a time when students can travel, be with their families, participate in sports and be with friends. What about school and academic opportunities? That's possible, too, as a Perham student and teacher concluded after a week at the 2010 Challenge Summer Academy.

Gage Donovan, a fifth grader at Prairie Wind Middle School and Mrs. Tricia Hamann, a Perham educator, participated in summer enrichment classes at Discovery Middle School in Alexandria.

Gage enrolled in the class "A Puzzling Trip into the World of Math Problem Solving - Who Stole the Queen's Hat?" Students used math problem solving strategies as they solved a crime in

Victorian London, England.

Mrs. Hamann taught the course entitled "What If?" In this class, students explored the invention process, created an invention and traveled to Glenwood to work with a real inventor, Grant Hanson.

Besides Perham and Alexandria, students enrolled in classes from Ashby, Glenwood, Elbow Lake, Parkers Prairie, Melrose and Osakis. Other courses were taught on music, architecture, ancient cultures, astronomy, and science, with about 150 students involved in grades 3-6.

For information about next year's summer academic enrichment classes, you may contact Tricia Hamann locally at 218-346-4777 or Pam Pearson in Alexandria at 320-762-1603.