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NY Mills Eagles Homecoming

New York Mills Eagles Homecoming week is September 20-24. The coronation will be held Tuesday, September 21 at 7:30 p.m. in the James Mann Performing Arts Center. The candidates for king and queen are pictured above. Front row L to R: Kinsey Perala, Melissa Pyle, Jennifer Maki, Melissa Paavola, Melissa Hendrickx and Micaela Lausten. Back row: Erik Tumberg, Tanner Wegschied, Bryce Pazdernik, Frank Peeters, Isaiah Bauk and Spencer Imsande. The emcees for the night are Tristan Huwe and Marissa Anderson. Fin...

NY Mills Eagle Homecoming Week is September 20-24.

Homecoming activities kick-off Monday morning at 8:30 a.m. with the school song, Class Poster Contest, and Best Dressed Contest, which is-Holiday Day (dress up to celebrate your favorite Holiday).

Tuesday: Best Dressed contest -Sports Day and Homecoming Coronation at 7:30 p.m., in the James Mann Performing Arts Center.

Wednesday brings us "drive a tractor to school" and Best Dressed Contest -Farmer/Camo Day.

Thursday Best Dressed Contest is Fake an Injury Day.

Friday morning starts with Spirit Breakfast, elementary school pepfest and red wagon parade. Friday afternoon there will be a high school pepfest put on by the cheerleaders and class skits will be performed.

Friday night is the Homecoming football game and dance to follow in the commons from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m.

There will be other fun activities throughout the week for students at lunchtime.


NY Mills Homecoming Candidates Announced

The New York Mills Homecoming Candidates have been announced for this year's homecoming.

King Candidates

Spencer Imsande is the son of Rod and Becky Imsande. He is involved in baseball, basketball, football, speech and the fall play for the NY Mills School. His favorite class is Flash Gaming because he is a gamer. His most memorable school moment is partying at lunch.

Erik Tumberg is the son of Daniel and Cheri Tumberg. His extracurricular activities include football, basketball, track and field, Close Up, Anti-tobacco, knowledge bowl and National Honor Society. His favorite class is Flash Gaming because he is a crazy gamer and because of their party in the USA dance. Nailing the puddles in the high school parking lot at lunch is his favorite school memory.

Bryce Pazdernik is the son of Matt and Sara Crompton, and Travis and Shana Hensch. Bryce is in basketball, golf, Business Professionals of America and National Honor Society. Bumpin' at lunch with the boys is among his most favorite school memories.

Tanner Wegscheid is the son of Gary and Melissa Wegscheid. Tanner is in football, basketball, baseball and National Honor Society at NYM School. His favorite class is Mr. Gorentz's horticulture class, enough said. His favorite school memory is bumpin' at lunch.

Frank Peeters is the son of John and Mary Peeters. Football, basketball, fall play, jazz band, marching band, knowledge bowl and Business Professionals of America are the activities Frank is involved in. His favorite class is Mr. Gorentz's environmental class... 'nuff said. His favorite school memory is trying to prank the 2010 seniors only to get in trouble with Jason Hoaby 10 minutes later.

Isaiah Bauck is the son of Duane and Sarah Bauck. Isaiah is in basketball, bowling and FFA. His favorite class is any math class with Mr. Peterson, because Mr. P is awesome - he loved his mustard days. His favorite school memories include "Is it fair, no it's not fair, but is it fair, yes it is" quote by Dunrud, as well as beating Menahga in overtime last year in overtime by four.

Queen Candidates

Missy Pyle is the daughter of Johann and Harold Pyle. She is in Close Up, FFA, and also plans to be in basketball and track this year. Missy's favorite class is psychology because she finds it fun to study the brain and why people do what they do. Also, Mr. Boe makes it worth her while. She cannot pick just one favorite school memory as high school in general will be an awesome to look back on... although prom was pretty sweet as was the first outside school dance.

Jennifer Maki is the daughter of Scott and Marsha Maki. Jennifer's extracurricular activities include tennis, varsity wrestling, cheerleading, and singing in the church praise band. Her favorite class is choir because she gets to sing loud and obnoxious without getting into trouble (except when she got kicked out last year). Making benches in shop class with Missy Paavola is her favorite memory so far this year.

Kinsey Perala is the daughter of Jeff Perala and Vicky Pettow. Kinsey will be involved with Business Professionals of America this school year. Her favorite class is yearbook class because she has a knack for computers. Her favorite memory in school is when they spent the day in chemistry watching Mr. Scary Spider to see if he would attack an innocent frog.

Micaela Lausten is the daughter of Mark and Adele Lausten. She is in softball, National Honor Society and FFA this year. Digital Arts with Mrs. Olsen is her favorite class because she made some cool things and Mrs. Olsen rocks. Her favorite memory is of spending as much time as she possibly can in chemistry.

Missy Paavola is the daughter of David and Regina. Missy is involved with Close Up this year. Her favorite class is any art class; she loves art, drawing and doing creative things. Her favorite memory is making benches in shop class with Jennifer Maki.

Melissa Hendrickx is the daughter of Steve and Bonnie Hendrickx. Tennis, cheerleading, FFA, National Honor Society and choir are Melissa's extracurricular activities this year. Math and science classes are her favorite because the classes are always fun and entertaining. Her favorite school memory is when Mrs. Cooley read her and Megan's note out loud to the entire class.