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Lakes Country Service Cooperative and Freshwater Society sponsor scholarship contest

One of the many pieces submitted to last year's art contest.

The seventh Annual Water is Life Art Contest invites Minnesota's 9-12 grade students to create art and videos that represent issues facing our freshwater resources.

This year, the theme for the contest is water conservation. Collaborating with Minnesota's Educational Service Cooperatives, the Freshwater Society hopes to inspire and educate Minnesota's youth of the important issues facing our vulnerable freshwater resources.

Now, more than ever, our freshwater resources are facing a crisis. The increase in human population, development and contamination of our water resources are creating a strain on our surface and ground waters. Conservation of these resources is the most efficient, economical and immediate tactic we have to ensure the sustainability of our freshwater resources for future generations.

The 2011 Water is Life Art Contest invites students to create art that symbolizes water conservation. The artwork may illustrate the need for conservation, explore methods of conservation or be created with conservation and reuse in mind. The artwork and accompanying artist statement should convey the importance of protecting and preserving our most important resource.

The contest awards $500 scholarships to the six top finalists, prizes to each region's semifinalists and recognition to each participant.

Each year the students produce amazing art and artist statements. The winning artwork and all the semi-finalists' entries are exhibited at public venues, including the State Capitol. The powerful exhibit helps to educate Minnesota's citizens about our most important resource.

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The Freshwater Society, a non-profit environmental education organization established in 1968, promotes the understanding and responsible use of freshwater resources. For more information please visit the website