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NY Mills cultural center to host high school art show

Submitted photo A welded steel model of the Eiffel Tower is one of the items on display at the high school art show at the NY Mills Regional Cultural Center.

The annual show of the work of junior and senior high school students opens on Wednesday, April 13 at the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center.

Three class projects are featured in this year's show - both created at the NY Mills School. Two of the creations were made in Luke Becker's welding class. One is a metal model based on the familiar bridge that rises to let in large ships to the Duluth Harbor. The second is a welded steel model of the Eiffel Tower, the most identifiable landmark of Paris, France. Both of these sculptures will be featured in the NY Mills Sculpture Park after the art show ends.

The third class project is a large (approximately five feet across at the base) Serpinski's Triangle made by the NY Mills 10th grade geometry students. Serpenski's Triangle is a geometric pattern of tetrahedrons that is replicated repeatedly to form a three dimensional object that exhibits self-similarity. No matter how many stages are built and put together, the structure maintains its form. Many objects in real-life show signs of this same quality such as trees, mountains, arteries, clouds and more.

Many other works by student artists are also featured in this year's show, open to the public from Wednesday, April 13 through Saturday, April 23. The reception for the student artists is Saturday, April 16 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.