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Frazee school district to move forward with superintendent buyout

The Frazee-Vergas School District has voted to move forward with buyout negotiations with Superintendent Deron Stender.

After a lengthy discussion with the district's legal counsel, Kristi Hastings of Pemberton Law, the board voted 4-2 in favor of Hastings continuing the process with Stender. The process was paused a couple weeks ago after some board members became upset that they hadn't been included in the process, and accused chair Steve Jepson and board member Rich Ziegler of backroom dealings by Jepson authorizing Hastings to draft a proposal to Stender.

According to the district's policy though, Jepson was within his rights as chair to start the process. The board as a whole would have voted on it before it was accepted.

Those opposed to continuing the buyout process were Dana Laine and Keith Janu. Board member Ken Fett was absent from Monday's meeting.

Also at the end of the two-hour board meeting, Jepson resigned as chairman of the board due to time obligations, and vice chair Rich Ziegler was voted into the position. Jepson was then voted into the vice chair spot.