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NYM looks at 2 full-time principals

The current administration model has not been working out as planned, according to the majority of opinions at the school board workshop in New York Mills Tuesday night.

The administration model consists of Blaine Novak as a full-time high school principal. Todd Cameron's position is split between superintendent and elementary principal. The final part of the administration is Travis Hensch's position as dean of students and athletic director.

After much discussion, the board concluded that NY Mills, with enrollment of 700 students, needs a full-time principal on each side of the building.

With the new model, the principal positions would be back to full-time. However, the superintendent position would remain part-time.

When asked if he would consider doing a part-time superintendent job at two different schools, Cameron said he felt like those relationships do not work, because it's like "serving two masters."

He said there are superintendents out there who want to retire, yet still work part-time. In his opinion, a person like that would consider a part-time position.

Board member Rachel Grieger said many schools have part-time superintendents.

As a rough estimate, the school would save $30,000 with the new plan.

This isn't a decision the board is taking too quickly, however. All agreed when board Vice President Dan Welter said, "We've got to have a strategy and a plan."

Final details about this four-year plan will be pounded out in upcoming workshops within the next couple of months.

Grieger said she has seen Cameron "grow as an administrator" when he had to take on the responsibilities of the elementary principle, too. He was "more excited about education again." Grieger looked at that as a positive.