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NYM welding students build Twin Towers

Connie Vandermay/FOCUS The welding class stand around their semester project of the Twin Towers. The towers will be displayed in the high school media center temporarily and will then move to the sculpture park this summer.

A replica of the Twin Towers will be added to the sculpture park in New York Mills next summer, thanks to the introduction to welding students at the high school.

Every year, the introduction to welding students choose a structure to build as a team. In the past, the welding classes have built the Eiffel Tower and Duluth's Aerial Lift Bridge.

It was close to the anniversary of Sept. 11 last year when the welding class students made the decision to build the monument.

When the class chose the Twin Towers, agriculture and welding teacher Luke Becker asked the class if they really wanted to choose a project that had to be perfect.

The students were up to the challenge, even though this was the first time welding for many of them.

Tenth grader Cole Koennicke said they worked as a team assembling the towers - each person had a specific job.

Tenth grader Tyler Ehnert said they also learned a lot about safety in welding, as pushups were the consequence if they forgot their safety glasses or helmets.

The class finished the last of the welds on Friday, before moving the towers to the high school media center for viewing.

Lund Boats and BTD out of Detroit Lakes donated all of the steel used in the project.