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Gingerbread project cooks up some fun

Alexis Rudolph and Jacob Olson work in the play bakery in Bridget Weller's kindergarten room. One of the activities was to 'bake' gingerbread men and flip the paper cookies off the pans to read words written on the back. Connie Vandermay/FOCUS1 / 2
The map in Bridget Weller's room displays the travel destinations of the gingerbread men.2 / 2

New York Mills Kindergarten classes are enjoying the return of gingerbread girls and boys that they created in December and mailed out to family and friends all over the country.

Upon the gingerbread men's return, many souvenirs, pictures, and journals accompanied them, thanks to their helpful hosts.

As the gingerbread arrived back in the classroom, the teachers used many aspects of the project to direct their teaching. For example, a map on the bulletin board emphasizes where the gingerbread men have been.

The kindergarteners had a variety of favorite things about the gingerbread unit, but most expressed their excitement about waiting for the returning gingerbread.

Evelyn Aho was excited when her friend Grace Brasel's gingerbread returned from Duluth, bringing with it some special rocks for all the kindergarteners.

The gingerbread unit has been integrated into many subjects throughout the day - reading, math, science and social studies. It's a fun way to teach about graphs, writing and sight word recognition, report teachers.