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Local students win Loyalty Day awards

Submitted photo Some first grade participants in the Loyalty Day Contest. Local winner Kassadi Hostrop is pictured in the bottom row, center, holding the large American Flag.1 / 2
Submitted photo Dixie Carow, a fifth grade student at St. Paul's Lutheran School in Perham, won the spring Loyalty Day Contest with her ode to the American flag. She is pictured with Ladies Auxiliary member Nancy Schmitz.2 / 2

Students from Heart of the Lakes Elementary School, St. Henry's Catholic School and St. Paul's Lutheran School - 138 students in all - participated in a spring Loyalty Day Contest.

The contest was sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4020 in Perham.

Kindergarteners through second graders colored a picture of the American flag for the contest. Grades three and four wrote poems about the flag and grades five and six wrote odes about the flag.

The local winners were Heart of the Lakes first grader Kassadi Hostrop, who won an American flag and stickers; and St. Paul's fifth grader Dixie Carow, who won an American flag and puzzle.

Carow's winning ode follows:


The colors of our flag are red, white and blue

My grandma said, "What does it mean to you?"

"I don't know," was my reply.

I really don't, plus I didn't want to lie.

Gram said the thirteen stripes of red and white

Represent the 13 colonies that started the fight.

The field of blue means Justice for you

The red means stick-to-it-ness and pride

The white means innocence is on your side

There's 50 stars for you to see

One for each state, that's the key

Thanks Gram for teaching me.