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NY Mills School District preliminary budget shows signs of slight surplus

Last week, the New York Mills School Board approved a fiscal year 2013 preliminary budget with a surplus of around $33,000.

Though the budget is not yet final, a slight bump in revenue is expected due to increased enrollment. Sixty-six kindergartners are already enrolled for fall, replacing 41 recent senior graduates, Superintendent Todd Cameron stated in a follow-up interview. That puts the district 15 students ahead of original estimates.

Some new funding for the district this year will come in the form of literacy incentive aid - a federal program to reward schools doing well in reading. The district will also receive federal small school revenue of $50 per student, and the technology referendum that passed in November 2011 will take effect this school year.

Some school fees were increased slightly. For example, school lunch and breakfast fees increased by 10 cents a meal in compliance with federal mandates.

Projected expenditures include all salaries for the upcoming year, including an increase in administrative costs due to a switch to two full-time principals. The renewal of some longtime contracts also accounts for some of the district's expenditures.

The budget also shows estimates of supplies, fuel and other services based on past costs.