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NY Mills School levy likely to decrease

The New York Mills School Board has approved a preliminary levy with a decrease of 1.08 percent.

The main reason for this is that payments for the general debt decreased by $24,471. This offsets an increase of $11,397 in the general budget, as well as an increase of $2,260 in the community service budget.

The overall budget saw a decrease of $10,814.

School boards must set their maximum preliminary levies by October, according to state law. The amount may decrease before the final levy is set, which happens in December.

The NY Mills School Board set its preliminary levy, payable in fiscal year 2013, at its most recent meeting on Sept. 24.

In other news, Targeted Services will be offered for the second year, beginning in October.

Targeted Services is an after school program for kids in grades 2-8. It offers academic tutoring, physical fitness opportunities, social skills development, and a variety of recreational activities. The hope is to make the atmosphere more like a club instead of a classroom.

This year's instructors for the program will be Richard Wegscheid and Orlend Menze.