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St. Henry's holds geography bee

Sixth grade student Gage Grunst held on to his championship title when he won the Geography Bee at St. Henry's Area School for the second year in a row1 / 2
The finalists in St. Henry's Area School Geography Bee, front row, left to right:  Ryan Ismil (fifth grade), Kyle Swanson (fifth grade), Rylee Hunt (fourth grade), Kendra Moris (fourth grade) and Jack Fudge (fourth grade). Back row: Maggie Ingebrand (sixth grade), Colton Ditterich (sixth grade), Gage Grunst (sixth grade), Isaac Van Watermulen (fifth grade) and Katie Zepper (fifth grade).2 / 2

St. Henry's Area School held its annual Geography Bee, a contest similar to a spelling bee.