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PHS Science Research team earns awards

Perham High School's Science Research team competed at this year's regional science fair in Moorhead on Feb. 9, bringing home many special awards.

Five of the eight team members will be advancing to the state competition in April.

Maria Lorenson and Seth Stafki were awarded the Genius Olympiad, which qualifies them to compete in the national fair.

Stafki also qualified to be an observer at the International Science and Engineering Fair.

Other special awards given include: American Meteorology Award, to Riley Tostenson; American Psychology Association Award, to Racole Karels; Ricoh Sustainable Development Award, to Michael Thompson; Yale Science and Engineering Award, to Michael Thompson; American Fisheries Award, to Paul Schoeneberger; Air Force Award, to Alphonse Schoeneberger; and Stock-holm Best Water Project Award, to Seth Stafki.

Qualifying for the Minne-sota Academy of Sciences State Science Fair, to be held April 7-9 in Minneapolis, are Racole Karels, Jay Klatt, Maria Lorenson, Seth Stafki and Riley Tostenson.