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Viva Las Vegas!: Perham High School Prom 2013

The evening’s emcees, David and Jennifer Howie, announce students as they enter the gymnasium.1 / 6
Jack Stigman and Kyley Foster pause for a picture during the grand march. 2 / 6
Matt Hanson and Destiny Mitchell3 / 6
Andrew Melo and Tesa Williamson4 / 6
Mark Murphy and Racole Karels5 / 6
Brady Speicher and Kellyn Barney6 / 6

Perham High School held its annual Prom over the weekend, with a theme of “Viva Las Vegas!” Held in the middle school gymnasium on April 27, the scene was one of sparkle and glam as girls and their escorts posed for pictures during the grand march, decked out in their best dresses and tuxedos. Afterward, a Post Prom Party was held at the Cactus.

The photos represent only a few of the nearly 200 students who walked in the grand march.