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Tow-tally awesome! Preschoolers get a visit from Little Bear Towing

Pictured are, front row, left to right: Drew Ellingson, Samuel Brown, Dresden Wegscheid, Addison Dilly, Taylor Ziemke and Alex Booe. Back row: Teacher Katie Radil, Jack Hemagir, Hannah Larson, Marcus Cupkie, Josiah Weatherhead, Maggie Lee, Clodarl Seemar, Joey Ecker, John Steeke and Little Bear Towing’s Shawn Weatherhead.

“He’s in seventh heaven right now,” said Mary Schmidt, a special ed teacher, as she watched Dylan Deal play with the controls of ‘Little Bear,’ one of two tow trucks put on display at the school last Wednesday by Shawn Weatherhead of Little Bear Towing.

Weatherhead parked Little Bear and ‘Big Bear,’ a second tow truck, in the school’s parking lot and supervised as Deal and other preschool-aged children climbed on the trucks and learned how they operate.

“He was grinning pretty big,” said Weatherhead of his son, Josiah, who was among those allowed to see the trucks.

Weatherhead started taking his trucks to the school several years ago, both to provide a fun learning opportunity for kids and to increase awareness of his business and the services he provides. Students frequently see police and firefighters at their schools, but tow trucks are just as prevalent and important to the community, he said.