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A day at the farm

De’Marje Hill, Ryleigh Magnuson, Calie Fiedler and Izaiah Vargas pet a horse at the farm. Joe Bowen/FOCUS

Five sections of kindergarteners from Heart of the Lakes Elementary School visited the Lubitz Family Farm north of Perham last Friday.

The classes were given a tour of the farm and its animals, which were put in pens throughout the yard to give students a chance to pet them, see them up close, and learn about them from one of the Lubitzes.

“We’ve been reading and learning about farm animals,” said Pam Jaskowiak, a teacher at HOTL.

She said the kindergarteners have been making mock versions of farm animals in class, reading about them, and writing journal entries as well.

Students have been taking field trips to the Lubitz farm for 17 or 18 years, Jack Lubitz estimates.

“When we first started this, we were lucky if two kids hadn’t been on a working dairy farm, and now it’s the total opposite – we’re lucky if there are two kids who have been on one. And that’s why we do it, to give them a chance to touch and feel the animals up close,’ said Janet Lubitz while her daughter, Jessica Dupuis, let students pet one of the family’s pigs.

“They have so much fun,” Dupuis said of the students. “I love the expressions that they get.”

Those expressions showed particular excitement when Dupuis loudly asked, “Who likes bacon?” as she introduced a group of kindergarteners to the pigs. Most of the students raised their hands enthusiastically.

Lubitz’ grandson, Hunter, was one of the students in attendance on Friday, and Janice thinks the family might stop hosting field trips like this once he graduates.

“But I don’t think (Jack) will want to give it up. We just love the interaction,” she said with a smile.