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Taking a concept outside the classroom

On a nice day just a week before school let out for the summer, nine pre-calculus students took to the street to draw a giant Unit Circle in chalk as a part of their trigonometry unit. The students included, left to right: Troy Tellinghuisen, Jayden Cullen, Ben Sullivan, Hannah Honrud, Kayla Hodgen, Analea Erickson, Montana Osterman, Alyssa Studer and Dan Ingebrand. Submitted photo

It may have been the last week of school, but that didn’t slow down Perham High School’s pre-calculus students.

The class was still hard at work even as the school year neared its end, learning about special triangles and angle properties as a part of their trigonometry unit.

Outside of the school, kids drew a giant unit circle (a standard piece of knowledge in mathematics) in chalk on the street, and then answered questions off of it.

“It was great to see the teamwork and enthusiasm that came from being able to work outside and learn, especially for 9 a.m. on a Friday a week before school is out,” wrote their teacher, Alyssa Rosenow, in an email to the Focus.

“It was really fun to go out and make a large Unit Circle,” stated Alyssa Studer, a junior. “We were able to have a different perspective on it and some of us thought it was easier to understand, too.”

Marie Johnson

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